Beautiful Something (2015)

  Beautiful Something is certainly not a movie for everyone, and some will undoubtedly dislike its slightly meandering nature and the fact it favours talk over action. However, those willing to invest will find a movie with more depth and ideas than it initially appears.

Average Rating: 6,1/10
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 6 May 2016 (USA)
Duration: 1h 37min
Genre: Drama, Romance 
Director: Joseph Graham
Writer: Joseph Graham
Stars: Brian Sheppard, Zack Ryan, Colman Domingo
Synopsis: Four diverse gay men navigate art, sex and love in one sublime night.
  As you might be able to guess from that synopsis, there’s a slightly pretentious air to Beautiful Something. That would be more of a problem if it didn’t have anything to back up its bohemian, slightly hipster leanings, but it’s very watchable, drawing you in by creating interesting characters who keep you intrigued and who reveal more depth than you might expect.
  The film is marked by being filled with things which on paper might seem like a bad idea, but which work surprisingly well. Sometimes the film does slow down to a snail’s pace, and seems in danger of becoming far too pleased with itself. There are also more than a few moments where it pushes the characters to the point where they start to feel annoyingly self-centred. Thankfully it always manages to them pull them back by remembering the emotional core of the journey they’re on and not just what the script wants to say about it.
  There are times when it’s sexy, moments when it’s fairly intense and director Joseph Graham does a great job of creating an oddly mysterious air that hangs over the movie, allowing his characters to be question marks wandering the city looking for various forms of connection. It may never get a massive audience, but many of those who do see it will appreciate the journey it takes you on.