Thats Not Us (2015)

  There is not all that much to That’s Not Us. It is a story of small arguments amongst relatively privileged individuals that does not pretend to be about much more. Sullivan wisely avoids drawing too many overt parallels between the three couples. Suffice it to say that no matter whom you love, you can have mundane difficulties. Weightless though it may be, That’s Not Us is charmingly filmed and inescapably endearing. That is more than enough.

Average Rating: 7,1/10
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 21 June 2015 (USA)
Duration: 1h 37min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance 
Director: William Sullivan
Writer: Derek Dodge
Stars: Mark Berger, Elizabeth Gray, Tommy Nelms
Synopsis: That's Not Us is an intimate portrait of three twenty-something couples as they travel to a beach house to enjoy the last days of summer. But what should be a fun and carefree weekend becomes an exploration of what it takes to sustain a healthy relationship and make love last in what is now being called the "gayest generation." Through each of the three couples - one gay, one lesbian, and one straight - That's Not Us explores sex and relationships with a fresh perspective, finding that while sexuality and gender may vary, the struggles to keep love alive do not. 
   “That’s Not Us” is an improvised romantic comedy that follows three couples — one gay, one lesbian, one straight — as they travel to Fire Island to enjoy the last days of summer. But what should be a fun beach weekend actually shines a hard light on what it takes to make love last.
  This is a film that portrays the different dilemmas that many relationships face. But rather than presenting the solutions to them, it explores the experiences — the funny, the painful, the embarrassing, the sexy — of working through them. Each character in this story has an experience of feeling separated, either physically or emotionally, from their partner. The process of rediscovering themselves and their partner is the essence of what the film captures. ‘