Undertow (2009)

  This movie was simply awesome! One of the best new films exploring gay male identity, love and relationships, and likely will be a worthy addition to many personal "favorite gay films" lists. It will haunt you.

Average Rating: 7,8/10
Country: Peru | Colombia
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 16 April 2010 (Colombia)
Duration: 1h 37min
Genre: Drama, Romance 
Director: Javier Fuentes-León
Writer: Javier Fuentes-León
Stars: Cristian Mercado, Tatiana Astengo, Manolo Cardona
Synopsis: An unusual ghost story set on the Peruvian seaside; a married fisherman struggles to reconcile his devotion to his male lover within his town's rigid traditions.
   A small movie with a full heart, “Undertow” takes an old idea — the loving, lingering ghost — and gives it reverberant, resuscitated life. The story unwinds gracefully and with slow-building emotion in a tiny seaside village in remotest Peru, where, save for a few modern conveniences, people live much as they probably did decades earlier, pulling fish from the sea and bound by communal interdependence. There, a young fisherman, Miguel (Cristian Mercado), awaits the birth of his first child, an event that fills him with so much happiness that he shares his bliss generously with his beloved wife and his more adored male lover.
   Profoundly moving. A fishing village that seems to come out of somebody's dream. A loving husband about to become a father and a forbidden love. Cristian Mercado in a beautifully drawn performance takes us into his own predicament with honesty and astonishing tenderness. The emotional details of his love for another man are nothing short of extraordinary.
   More than anything it is the image of Miguel walking in the village alongside the dead Santiago, shyly and then boldly touching his lover because he finally can, that illustrates this modest movie’s power. Like Santiago this vision of an effusive yet mournfully compromised happiness lingers, and it will haunt you.


  1. The english title does not give justice to the film,, my spanish is poor but I believe it is called contracorriente which taken literally is translated into against the current , in French ( as in sSpamish) a contre-courrant means odd against the estbalished rules/order , consequently, the very meaning of this word is beautifully translated in one of the best gay films

    1. Thank you for your information. I love this film, it's really really touched, i think that everyone should watch it.