Boys on Film (Gay Short Films Collection)

  Boys On Film is a Peccadillo Pictures DVD series of films LGBT theme. Peccadillo Pictures is a UK-based film distributor of art house, gay and lesbian, independent and world cinema. They have provided distribution for many films such as Weekend, Tomboy, XXY, Eyes Wide Open, Four Minutes, The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, Transylvania, Cockles and Muscles, Summer Storm, The Guest House and Chemsex.
The Boys on Film series has breathed new life into short films throughout the UK and around the world. Always featuring award winning films from already established filmmakers as well as up and coming talent, they have the ability to surprise, entertain, arouse and provoke debate. From Sundance to Cannes, from Iris Prize to the Academy Awards, the 'Boys on Film' series has grown from strength to strength.